this blog has been inactive due to the fact that i (mod gaynnibal) haven’t listened to wtnv in like 10 months !! if anyone is interested in becoming a mod to keep things running hmu. i can give u full control of the blog, pretty much. thanks. we have 2,666 followers if that sweetens the pot somehow


It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten the chance to listen to Night Vale. 

…we’re light.


I recently discovered that welcome to night vale has magical effect of helping me calm down enough to be able to sleep. This is a Very Big Deal for a stressed insomniac like myself. So here’s a sketch and a big thank you to anyone involved in the show.

Lines taken from the pilot. Carlos is in the process of taking apart his eight watch of the day, hoping to discover something other than a gelatinous grey lump inside. He’s also a little shy and blushes very easily. ´ω`


hy listeners whts up :-D


2 gay nerds


"average cecil has 3 eyes" factoid actualy just statistical error. average cecil has 2 eyes. Fanon Cecil, who lives in cave & has 10,000 eyes, is an outlier adn should not have been counted


A reminderrrr to WTNV fans who draw fanart that Tamika Flynn is described as 5’1” and of STOCKY BUILD. This is CANON. And nearly every drawing I see of her, she’s super thin. At the bare minimum, she should at LEAST have a larger build in drawings. Stocky, as defined by google, means “broad and sturdily built”. Please stop making her thin. Having her being, at the very least, short and of wider stature is *important*. Stop erasing that.


floating cecil palmer is so easy and good for art blocks i must admit


So I finally did some illustrations for The Faceless Old Woman’s story in Condos, after having wanted to do it for months. It took way longer that I anticipated, but I’m so happy with the result. Sorry about the bad photos. The drawings are in shellac based ink mixed with water.